2020 Election and the dismantling of the Rule of Law

It is time to remember what the rule of law means! To have anyone, much less a President, to question what has been our lawful and peaceful transition of the presidency, is a danger to our country! The rule of law refers to the idea that there are laws and procedures that are set in place that have been used as precedents to help civilized peoples to maintain a civilized and ordered existence. When people or person, determines that the Rule of Law does not apply to them, and they use whatever means they can to invalidate the rule of law for their own self interest, then the civilized nature of the peoples will descend into chaos and violence.

When a person can make accusations about fraud and misdeeds without credible proof and not be held accountable for that misinformation, then the rule of law is threatened. It is a moral and national crime to try to subvert the rule of law!

As an American, I am appalled at what is happening. An election was held, and audited and recounted all without finding any fraud or misdeeds. I will admit that there could be votes that were lost, and other that were miscounted due to normal human error or clerical mistakes. This is normal in any election at any level of Government. These few mistakes would never be enough to change the outcome of any election on any level. To have a loser of an election fabricate doubt in the way an election was administrated, and try to use strong arm tactics to illegally change the results of an election is not the rule of law that has produced this great nation that we live in.

We have ourselves to blame for this travesty! We followed social media blindly without questioning whether or not the information that we were reading could pass the logic test. Social Media interpreted the questions you were asking of it and filled your inbox with all sort of information to support what you were thinking without vetting if any of it was true or just the ramblings of a failed president or disgruntled person. Many people failed to question what they were reading and look for verification from other sources. This mistrust of the information that we receive causes us to doubt anything we have known or trusted in the past. It makes us unable to discern truth from fantasy. The only way we can proceed is to believe in the rule of law!

At this time in our nations history, we have large groups of people who are willing to believe a defeated president due to his disregard of the rule of law. His inability to follow the rules and to cast doubts with outright lies is the absolute opposite of the rule of law. It is the death of the rule of law. Without the rule of law then Democracy will cease to exist.

Many people want to believe that one presidential candidate will fundamentally change the United States of America into a “Socialist” country. We have the other candidate that wants to fundamentally change the country from a democracy that adheres to the rule of law, to a country without regard to laws and to fundamentally create a dictatorship without the check and balances that the U.S. Constitution has outlined.

Which is better? A presidential candidate that was elected by the rule of law who can be replaced in 4 years with another election, or a sitting president who refuses to acknowledge the rule of law and use that same disregard of the rule of law to do whatever he wants regardless of the consequences to the country.

It is time to say enough is enough and to guarantee the rule of law is the basis of our country and not allow our country to be on the same level of thugism that is prevalent in many 3rd world countries. This disregard for the rule of law is treason! Because of this the United States has forfeited its world leadership and has paved the way for other countries such as China and Russia to disregard the rule of law to increase their influence in world politics.

It is time to hold those accountable for this attack on our democracy and to stand up for the Rule of Law!