Abortion is another topic that polarised our nation.  Some people see it as a litmus test to judge people who are running for office.   Why is this?

First let me say that all human life is precious.  But when does human life begin?  This seems to be at the heart of this issue.  Nobody has ever been able to say with absolute certainty when that fetus is alive.  Is it when it can indeed survive outside the mother’s womb?  Does life start at conception?  I do not have that answer.  I can only express my thoughts on this controversial issue.

Abortion is an extremely personal issue and as such should not have any overbearing Governmental oversight.  There are far more important things to worry about.

There is not a single MAN alive, ever, that has had to make the type of decision that a young woman who has found herself contemplating an Abortion has to do.   How can a man know the pain and the mental anguish that comes with this type of decision?  This decision will be with that woman for the rest of her life.  Always wondering if it was the right one or not.  This decision is between the woman and her God.  No one else can make that decision and no one else should sit in judgement of that woman.

I have adopted children who I am indebted to the woman who made the adoptive choice for their unborn child.  Not all women are lucky enough to have the support groups around them to help them make this life changing decision.

There are several great organizations that can help these women with that decision; offer counseling on alternatives, counseling on how to prevent this situation from happening, and services if that is the decision that is made.

This issue is constantly being blow out of proportion.  Some candidates will claim that abortions rights mean that a fetus can be taken 1 day before birth.  That would not be ethical or safe!  Under the current law that would be illegal anyway.  There should be and are limits on when it can safely be performed.

An abortion is the last resort that should be contemplated in an unwanted pregnancy.   We as a society should worry less about the last resort but to strive to educate and use our values to try to prevent the situation in the first place.


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