Business owners rights

All business owners have the right to determine who they want as a customer.  They lawfully cannot discriminate because of race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation, but they can determine if they want someone’s business.

As long as the business owner does not declare that they are turning away the business due to one of the above reasons, then the business owners can refuse the business.

If someone does not want to do business with you does not make them a bad business, or bad people.  It just means that for whatever internal reason they have, they do not want to do business with you.  It is the business owner’s loss, not an insult to you.

Why fight with someone who does not want your business when there are several other similar companies that will gladly do business with you.  Would you really want to do business with someone who does not want your business?  Do you think they will do the best possible job for you?  You are not a victim if somebody refused to do business with you.  You are actually being saved the headaches that would surely arise by the animosity between two unwilling business partners.




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