Do Not Bear False Witness

I have had some time to think about all that the recent events that have transpired. I have been very perplexed at how the Evangelical Christians have been so easily swayed by a false prophet who found a way to convince large numbers of people that his lies and false witness was the truth.

There is not, and never was, any large scale organized voter fraud in the 2020 election. There were only accusations and false witness that anything other than a orderly, legal election was conducted. Why did so many people want to believe the lies and misinformation? It was not just the fringe right but many well educated, well meaning people were duped by this torrent of alternate reality. I wondered how this could be possible? Members of my own conservative family were caught up in this delusion.

I am a Christian but I was not dissuaded by this rhetoric. Why did I not fall for this charade? After much thought and reflexion, I came to a realization. Trump promised that he would attack abortion! Abortion was the battle cry of many of the churches and evangelical ministers. If he was against abortion then nothing he did or said would be faulted!

Trump has proven time and again that he will use anyone and say anything to convince people that he is right! This flies in the face of all religions not just Christianity. The three largest religion all have the story of the ten commandments. One of the first ones is: “Do not bear false witness”. This has been violated almost on a daily basis the last 4 years.

Many people believed one statement from Trump about abortion and forgave all the other transgressions. They believed the right leaning media who fanned the flams of discontent without looking at the whole picture. Both the Right and the Left will sow the seeds of mistrust through talking heads, social media and sermons. Nobody advocated looking at the whole story instead of 1 word of it.

I beg all Americans to see through the fog and to see the realties that have been created by not demanding true transparency of character. Why did one issue cause all other issues to be hidden? Everyone needs to look at the track records of all that they put faith in. All men are flawed but some are more so. Those that use falsehoods and half truths and outright lies are the most dangerous.

It is times like these that everyone needs to take a look at themselves to determine why they want to believe what they believe. To do more than let some talking head determine what you think. A mans actions prove that mans true character. It is time that we, as Americans, understand what that character is. The genius of this country is that we can have disagreements and different ideas but still have a peaceful civilization. Only when one side, or the fringe of one side, refuse to follow the rule of law and promote an alternate reality, that does not exist, does the civilization dissolve into violence and distrust.

It is time to reflect and realign to the values that this country was founded on. Time to honor the goals of a peaceful, legal transfer of power and not the misguided abuses of the publics trust.