Move away from an Oil based Economy

It is times like these that we need to evaluate what is in the best interest of all of us Americans.  We live in a very Oil intensive economy.  Whether it is how to fill our cars, heat our homes,  generate our electricity, or run our manufacturing.  It has been this way since oil because the cheap way to produce energy.  Well like all new innovations, it’s time has passed.

Lets look at what having an Oil Based Economy has done for us lately:

  • Wars over who controls the flow of cheap oil from the Middle East.  The United State started to develop the oil fields of the Middle East in the mid 1900 and was willing to spend Billions of dollars building the infrastructure and governments loyal to our dollars such that we could have access to their oil fields.    We sent billions of dollars into that region and we got billions more dollars of benefits to grow our economy and make many companies and individuals rich.  So rich in fact that they could buy our legislatures and even our Presidents to protect their interest in the Oil fields of the Middle East.

We should, as a country, determine to become completely out of the oil business.  We have the technologies to reduce our oil consumption on a yearly basis and to completely eliminate it altogether in less than 10 years.   A bold claim you say?

New Technologies such as total electric cars, power walls, Wind and hydro power.  All are technologies that if given the same influx of money as we give the Oil Industry could eliminate the need for Oil at all.  Either Domestic or Foreign.

Without the need for the Middle East Oil, we would not have to risk our service men to protect that region and if we are not there then the terrorist that are there will target the ones who are meddling in their disputes.  Which will be the other countries that become dependent on the Middle East Oil fields.

The United States could then show the world the way to cleaning up the environment and establishing a more peaceful world.