Hyphenated America

We as a society has matured enough now that we need to get rid of Hyphenated America.  Why do we need to know or for that matter care, what your personnel heritage is.  It is truly none of our business.  If you were born in the United States, you are an American.  If you have become naturalized citizen, then you are an American.

The citizens of this country are all transplant from somewhere else.  What makes us unique is that we are a melting pot of the rest of the world.  Lets embrace that strength!  Most of the Hyphenated Americans were born here and have only lived in the United States.  The hyphen is used to segregate themselves from the rest of the Americans.  Why do we need to do this?

Our young people do not use such labels as African-American, or Japanese-American when describing their friends and classmates.  They would describe them as the young man of color, or the Asian  young man.  They are just people who have different DNA that gives them different physical characteristics.

Labels are used to segregate people.  It is times like this that the labels need to be put away.  We are all Americans.  Lets be proud of that!

One thought on “Hyphenated America”

  1. I agree… I don’t like division…
    Hyphenating our titles is problematic. I am a Finnish-American, not hated, not known, but I exist. We think of Mexicans, and Africans, and Asians. They are “other”, I am not “other”, I am white. I was raised Lutheran and Scandinavian. I have nationalistic views related to Finland and Sweden, but I am not targeted for that. I am targeted for being a liberal/progressive/anarchist. I am not against anything anymore, I am only for truth, justice and freedom. I believe that these ideas will bring us prosperity, health, peace, love and joy! Hyphenation is against all these things. God Bless!

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