Same Sex Marriage

It is not any governments responsibility to determine whom you want to love.  This is simple.  It is proven over and over that you cannot legislate morality.  This is one of the great misconceptions of almost all government worldwide.  Same sex marriages, living arrangements, significant other, what ever you want to call it, have always existed throughout history.  It is time that this fact just be accepted and made a non-issue.   You do not have to agree with that  lifestyle, but nobody should sit in judgement on what someone else chooses for themselves in the privacy of their own home.

And it is not the government’s responsibility to sit in judgement either!

2 thoughts on “Same Sex Marriage”

  1. Hey there Bennett…I told you I was going to read your blog as my late night reading. Thank you for your voice and for sharing it with all of us. What a wonderful creative year is unfolding and I am so privileged to have you as part of it. Maya

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